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Once your website has been built the most important priority is to focus on strategic search engine optimisation (SEO) if you want it to succeed.

It’s all in the results and how we deliver Search Engine Optimisation  is the practise of ranking your website higher in the search engines for keyword terms that your customers would use to search for your product or service.

As the popularity of the internet increases, so does the amount of money we spend online – therefore it makes sense that the higher in the search engines you go, the more money you’ll make. That’s when effective search engine optimisation of your website is crucial to it’s success.

As an experienced team in search engine optimisation, who have worked in some of the most competitive industries on the internet we have fine tuned our approach and methodology towards SEO. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in several ways :

  • At East Anglia Design we pride ourselves on getting results. As we encourage constant communication with our clients – the more we know about you and your business, the more we can deliver! Some of our most successful clients have more than trebled their business within a short space of time. This is purely due to the fact that we were really able to get under the skin of their business and therefore understand their customers.
  • We measure our success against your ROI – by this, we don’t pat ourselves on the back for getting you to number 1 in Google for a term that makes you no money. We do pat ourselves on the back when we get you to no 1 in Google for a term that makes you a lot of revenue, and therefore makes our service a positive ROI. Its what we measure ourselves against.
  • One of our team is always available on the phone or email, so if you have an important meeting with the board and you need a quick answer, don’t worry, you can call us safe in the knowledge we’ll be there and can help

Know the costs on a monthly basis, try our fixed fee approach

Most companies prefer to work on a fixed fee basis so they can budget an exact amount to their search marketing each month – we are happy to work to this arrangement too. We will present you with :

  • A complete SEO strategy
  • A breakdown of all the work we carry out
  • Detailed reports showing you the improvement in your rankings, the increase in revenue and good and bad visitor patterns on your website
  • We will also report on pre agreed KPI’s every month so you can be assured our eye is on the ball!

Our fixed fee plans vary from client to client and industry to industry, but we will always give you an honest quote based on the work needed, and we are always happy to give you complete transparency on this – again, something not a lot of SEO companies will offer!

Reporting & Analysis

Every month, we’ll provide you with reports and analysis of your websites performance so you know how the metrics that are important to you are performing. Typically, we’ll provide details on:

  • Traffic levels at keyword level
  • Keyword rankings
  • Conversion rates at keyword levels
  • What pages of your site are being visited the most

In fact, we can pretty much give you whatever information you want. Utilising software like Google Analytics, we are able to manipulate data to drill down to individual visitor behaviour, and work with you to identify opportunities for increased performance on your site – as well as giving you the clearest indicator that SEO is working.

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