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Get your brand right. The rest comes naturally.

Sometimes it’s hard to look at your own brand objectively. Your logo may be 20 years old and carry a certain amount of heritage. Or it may be that the logo has to look like that because it’s the only way you can fit the text in.

It’s well worth looking at your company’s brand as an outsider. How do other people perceive it? Is there even a brand, or is it just a logo? Your company’s perception is valued on first glance. If you don’t look the part you’ll be disregarded. When East Anglia Design work with a new client, we ask the same questions.

By strengthening, or creating your brand we can begin to create a consistent identity that speaks volumes about your company.

It starts with the logo, and encompass everything in your business. The stationery, literature, website, even signage needs to carry the same consistent message if your brand is going to make its mark.

When you work with us you get the whole package. We’ll create an identity that captures its audience. A brand that will seamlessly flow through all media. We’ll create the brochures that will stand out from the crowd, the email templates that won’t get lost in people’s spam filters and the core message that you are the people to be doing business with.

It’s worthy of note that we take everything in stages. East Anglia Design can work at your pace, creating collateral when you need it… And it won’t cost the earth to develop.

Get in touch and let’s get your brand working properly.

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